10 video games with short cutscenes

The game is of course considered crucial to any experience, but it’s really often hard to tell as in some cases the story is even more critical. In a game there is no clue how to tell a story, but sometimes games use a better measure – cutscenes. Often it means a lot of cutscenes. In my opinion we looked at some games that had more than their fair share of it.


As always, I would take the switch, my choice – because you all knew the game would be in here. Metal Gear Solid 4 has been known for its many long and short cutscenes since its inception. Stretching to over eight hours, the cutscenes are longer than entire games can be, and many of them are ridiculously long. This infamous sequence spans nearly three decades. That’s a longer time than a hockey game.


After Metal Gear Solid 4, Hideo Kojima was over-correct with the length of the cutscenes in Metal Gear Solid 5, but with Death Stranding he tried to strike a balance. Although the open-world structure meant feature films were much more widely distributed, they remained relatively small and, at one time, nearly as long as MGS4. The game ended in exaggeration, but it was a second too long. The game ended for a very long time, although many will argue that there wasn’t a single cutscene that was particularly memorable either – but boy, was there a lot of it.


As a series, Final Fantasy has always had a strong emphasis on cinematic storytelling, and the PSP Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 was no different. The game wasn’t very long, but was proportional to the running time, so the length of the cutscenes easily exceeded three hours, and if not more, stacked quite high. And yes, they were quite long since that was the most traditional thing on the show. For example, the game’s longest cutscene is 23 minutes long – while typically typical of Final Fantasy, these cutscenes are often bombastic, flashy, and often eye candy.


For a long time, many feared that Final Fantasy 7 Remake would push things a bit too far as it attempted to delay its runtime despite only covering three hours of the original FF7. That wasn’t the case – the remake Sagas The first part of Sagas had its own meaty narrative and told it with typically flashy cinematics in its runtime. Lots of them with a run time easily in the 7-8 hours. Maybe, of course, they’re paying homage to a remake. But in the meantime, at least we can say we loved the ridiculous off-rails that the game has been played on more than once.


The three Xenosaga episodes together have almost 500 cutscenes. This number is impressive in an individuality. The longest cinematic shortlist (and many long ones) is 25 minutes long.


Xenoblade’s second, having been separated from the aforementioned series for a long time, has a nuanced story; In fact, it’s often a bit more boring than it says – especially when it comes to several of its characters – the bigger and most important story beats tend to hit the mark. Of course, the length of the games is very tolerable – which is good, because Extramables 2nd are insanely short and long-winded. For example, the final cutscene is over 23 minutes long. Add the credit count and the post-credits scene and the number pulls out to roughly 33 minutes.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope is a great game. In fact – it almost seems forgotten – some might say that even that is a benevolent description. But there’s one game that wants to relax, especially when it comes to telling the story. The longest game that is often forgotten is its long lengths, with its long lengths lasting at least 45 minutes. The quality of these movies, to say the least, was inconsistent and didn’t help the game so often refuse to put save points before or after them.


This is the definitive story of the long-running (and more than a few convoluted) Dark Seeker series; As a definitive decision to embrace the new, new world and more of the old-fashioned, old-fashioned saga, the original Dancing Stone is a good example. After that, the series left behind a chaotic history – which was either one of its biggest strengths or one of its biggest weaknesses, depending on your investments. In all likelihood, Kingdom Hearts 3 is a stunning game to watch, and yet its dialogue and the way it is presented is often hilariously bad, at least visually its cinematics fail to impress.


Although Naughty Dog has been synonymous with video games for more than a decade, it’s actually still a work in progress for the studio. Set for several hours of animation, this is a game that doesn’t shy away from producing scripted, staged sequences, but with good direction, writing, acting, and pacing, some of those cutscenes rarely seem very welcome.


Yakuza is another series that goes all-in with its storytelling. For a long time, immediately after its inception, this franchise was known for choking players with something. Although it rarely seems like a problem, and especially when they’re as entertaining to watch as they are in Yakuza-kiwami2. Between quality control and character-enhancing effects, from captivating twists and turns to the culmination of the character-centric series, Yakuza Kiwami 2Scinematics juggle humor and drama almost perfectly, rarely doing anything, even if they occupy the seat for more than 20 minutes.

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