5 crazy hero ideas from other MOBAs that the league should copy

There are a number of MOBA games out there and each game needs to be different from the others to stand out. with League of Legends to be one of the most popular dota 2 Just beyond that, some are wondering what if a character’s form in Beat, or Heroes of the Stormor dota 2 was in League of Legendshow interested would that be?

Here are five hero ideas that would be pretty crazy to see League of Legends.

Neith von Smite has an interesting interaction with dead enemies, they leave behind something called “Weave” that grants bonus damage or crowd control to their abilities. The only champion in League that interacts with corpses is Yorick, who summons a total of three ghouls to attack the enemy champion. Weaving is an interesting mechanic for champions who are rewarded for killing their enemy.

Sylvanas is only on the list for her ultimate mind control ability. League doesn’t have a champion in the game that handles that kind of power, so having the ability to control the enemy champion would be an interesting addition for someone.

Slyvanas must channel the ability and can be interrupted to balance it. If you’re hiding in a brush or trying to pilot someone over a wall, who knows what you might do.

Originally from Overwatch, Genji isn’t on the list because of Genji, it’s because of his idea. Many fans would be interested in using a character from a completely different game. It’s like Noctis is part of the Tekken 7 roster. Also his reflect ability has the potential to deflect a tower shot at his enemies is super awesome, being rewarded for a tower jump is pretty ridiculous.

Cho’Gall originally comes from World of Warcraft but was implemented in Blizzard’s MOBA game Heroes of the Storm. The catch with Cho’Gall is that it’s controlled by two players. Both players have their own abilities in the kit while only one player has control over the movement. It would be interesting to see how this would translate to League, lots of flame but the highlight reels are worth it.

Invoker is what every magician dreams of. He has a wide range of spells that he can use for different situations he may find himself in. Invoker has four abilities that can be used to create a total of 10 spells. Using spells in a number of combinations introduces a new effect. Imagine a Mage in League with the ability to add CC, damage, or utility to his team at any point in the fight.

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