Andy Taylor, 62, of Duran Duran, claims he was “visited by an angel” after starting new treatment for incurable prostate cancer and says he has “come back from the dead” after being told he should prepare for “end-of-life care.”

Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor has claimed he was visited by “an angel” after being diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer in 2018.

The 62-year-old rock star, who was told to prepare for end-of-life care, said he had undergone “two rounds of new treatments” and was able to sing and dance again.

Speaking on Lorraine on Monday, Andy joked that he was “back from the walking dead” and was “doing great”.

He said, “I’m doing great.” I’ve had two rounds of treatment that are similar to me, from the Walking Dead to singing and dancing.

“When I was diagnosed five years ago, that was the period of time where I only had a few years to live, and that was something me and my family had to live with.”

Opening: Duran Duran's Andy Taylor has revealed he was visited by

Opening: Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor has revealed he was visited by “an angel” after being diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer in 2018


‘An angel came to me’: Told to prepare for end-of-life care, 62-year-old rock star says he has undergone ‘two rounds of new treatments’ and can sing and dance again (LR Duran Duran). Roger Taylor, Simon Le Bon, Andy Taylor and John Taylor in 1981)

“After missing the biggest night of my life, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, an angel suddenly came to me.

“I didn’t know about this treatment, I thought I knew.” Many people have since come into contact with cancer awareness and some are receiving treatment.

“There’s such a lack of awareness. Someone knows what’s there, but they have to tell us.”

Andy spoke about his new solo music and featured on Duran Duran’s new album, saying he thought “this would be his last” release.

He continued: “I thought this would be my last album, but now I feel like that’s not the case.”

“I’ve always worked on music, the lyrics are sad but the music is uplifting.”

“The inspiration comes from Brexit conflicts and government conflicts and comes from deeper political politics.”

“Duran Duran, there’s a new album coming out that I’m playing on. I did it in March/April before I started treatment. It took two days. I’ll curse myself if it takes longer than three at my age.

Treatment: Speaking on Lorraine on Monday, Andy joked that he was

Treatment: Speaking on Lorraine on Monday, Andy joked that he was “back from the walking dead” and was “doing well.”

“I actually have two albums out.”

This comes after Andy revealed that his family finds it overwhelming that he is still alive after a new cancer treatment.

Speaking on the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2, he said: “I started taking two injections of mucosal anti-cancer cell drugs a few months ago.”

“Five years ago it didn’t exist.” [It was a case of] “You still have five years left on the line.” Now I have five years left. So, I’m still…did I fire a bullet?’

Andy added that he was radioactive after each session and couldn’t share a bed for three days.

The musician was praised by presenter Zoe for speaking out so clearly on the topic of men being examined.

Earlier this year, Andy revealed that he hopes to undergo “nuclear therapy” following his diagnosis.

The star said he no longer expected to live much longer and now expected to get back to full fitness.

Taylor was offered the life-saving treatment after fellow band members revealed his frightening diagnosis in a letter read at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in November.

Andy, who left Duran Duran in 2006, told the Rockonteurs podcast: “I’m starting my nuclear therapy.” I’ve had tests and scans and all sorts of far-out scientific things done.

“I also have a wiggle gene, which was another surprise, but what it is, it’s a nuclear drug, and at the stage I’m at, which was basically stage four, this therapy came into the United Kingdom.” just recently. It’s very, very new.’

He explained that the “new” drug could help him get back to “full fitness” for at least “five years.”

He continued: “And essentially it’s a nuclear drug.” It’s introduced into your body and detects the cancer on the outside of the cells. It just hits the cancer cells in your bones, where it is mostly located in my case, and destroys them. But if there is a healthy cell next to it, it does not touch it.

“So it’s not curative, but it can cause a stroke and then it has to start all over again, and what used to be – I won’t even say the term they used to have for the thing – I can go back to full get fit.” I’ve been fine for five years.


‘This didn’t exist five years ago’: Earlier this year Andy opened up about undergoing ‘nuclear therapy’ after being diagnosed with cancer

“The band was great. We have a lot of things we’ve been working on in secret. I thought the solo album would be my last album, so that kind of changed.”

The guitarist said a flood of offers of help came in after his diagnosis, including a letter read by band singer Simon Le Bon at the induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

He added: “Afterwards, a lot of very, very great people from all over the world contacted me.”

“Here’s a guy called Sir Chris Evans who looked at everything for me and said, ‘No, we can do a lot more for me.’ He did my genomics. He is a genius. He is a biochemist. A bit like an Elon Musk of cancer.

“And he really looked at it very closely, looked at the genomics and said, ‘There are several ways we can help you.’

And the treatment I’m getting is probably the best. Because I didn’t go to training, I got my life back.

“I never had chemotherapy. You know what happens with chemo, if you’re a guitarist you can lose your fingers.”

“I’ve always been able to use pretty sophisticated medications and things like that, but at some point you get to the point where it’s either this treatment or there’s nothing else that’s going to flush it out.”

“And the first thing I always say when I go to the oncologist or urologist is, ‘Right, we need to protect your fingers,’ and I say, ‘Great, that’s a good start,’ because it can actually destroy them.”

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