Best Alchemy Decks MTG Arena

Alchemy is a Magic: The Gathering (MTG) format exclusively for the digital version of the Arena game. Alchemy is similar to the platform’s historical mode, featuring cards on Arena that are not currently in Standard, but are also supplemented with cards from special Alchemy-only sets. As such, the competitive meta for Alchemy is slightly different from that of Standard and Historic.

According to MTG Arena Zone, a site that compiles deck lists and data including online win rates, here are the top decks for MTG Arena’s best-of-one Alchemy format, along with an explanation of why they’re so powerful.

MTG Arena Alchemy Best Deck Thundering Raiju

Thundering Raiju is a powerful card from the Mono-Red Aggro Alchemy Meta Deck. / WOTC / Xavier Ribeiro

It’s perhaps not surprising that Mono-Red Aggro is one of the best decks in the MTG Arena meta. Historically, similar decks have performed well in arena formats that value fast play and quick wins. Aggro is generally a very simple strategy: it’s all about blanketing the board with cheap, powerful creatures early on and defeating opponents before they have a chance to mount the appropriate defenses. Key cards in the deck include Thundering Raiju, Tiefling Outcasts, and Kumano Faces Kakkazan, which can quickly overwhelm any opponents if they aren’t ready to deal with threats immediately.

Oni-Cult Anvil Magic: The Gathering Arena Alchemy

Oni-Cult Anvil, the main card of this powerful meta-deck. / WOTC / Yeong Hao Han

Rakdos Anvil is a powerful deck that has dominated both Arena’s standard and alchemy metas. It focuses on using Oni-Cult Amvil, Fable of the Mirror-Breaker, and other cards that create lots of disposable artifacts to quickly drain opponents’ life totals. This deck is tricky to handle as it offers many opportunities to extract value from and benefit from removing many inexpensive artifacts. This means that an opponent’s ability to effectively deal with the Anvil player’s cards is limited and they might be swarmed by numerous 1/1 Construct tokens or eliminated by the gradual life loss that they can’t do much about.

MTG Arena Alchemy Best Deck Rakdo's Anvil

A sample Rakdos Anvil deck, the best deck in MTG Arena’s Alchemy format. / MTG Arena Zone, Screenshot by Conner Dejecacion

MTGA Alchemy Best Deck Mono-Red Aggro

An example of a Mono-Red Aggro Alchemy deck in MTG Arena. / MTG Arena Zone, screenshot by Conner Dejecacion

If you’re looking to dominate Arena’s Alchemy format with these strategies, here are some sample decks from MTG Arena Zone.

Now you know what are the best Alchemy Decks in MTG Arena and you can use them to climb up Alchemy’s competitive leaderboard. Remember that there are other strategies and formats in Arena. So when you tire of playing these decks or facing these decks in competitive play, you can use your other cards to create new, unique strategies. The MTG Arena meta is always changing, and you might just stumble upon the next best deck. Best Alchemy Decks MTG Arena

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