Bruce Lehrmann Trial Inquiry: Sunrise Host Natalie Barr’s Very Pointed Comment About Lisa Wilkinson As Attorney-in-Chief Exposes Shane Drumgold’s Lie About Her Logies Speech

DPP staffer Mitchell Greig sent a copy of his notes about Shane Drumgold’s meeting with Lisa Wilkinson and her Ten attorney five days after their meeting.

It revealed the TV presenter’s summary of the background to their coverage of the Brittany Higgins allegations and how they came to tell the story.

However, there is no mention that Mr. Drumgold warned her about the legal ramifications of her forthcoming speech to the Logies.

The notes were forwarded to Mr Drumgold the day after her speech – and Mr Greig was then asked to add details of Mr Drumgold’s alleged warning.

However, Mr Drumgold told Trial Judge Lucy McCallum and Wlater Sofronoff’s Committee of Inquiry that the notes were all taken at the time of the hearing and not five days later.

Mr. Greig’s original email reads in full:

Hello Shane and Skye,

Conference notes with Lisa Wilkinson attached. Do you mind if I forward it to the defense?

Wednesday, June 15, 2022 – Conference Notes

4:10 p.m

Lisa Wilkinson

Shane Drumgold/Skye Jerome/Mitchell Greig/Tasha Smithies

– Had a phone conversation with Brittany, imagine this was on or about January 22nd (to the best of my knowledge). The first meeting between Brittany and Lisa was on January 27th at 9.20am at the Star Casino Sydney

2021 – where she provided a timeline of events.

• First meeting with Brittany

– Before interviewing Brittany, established what the story was and how believable it was. She was interrogated for between 5 and 6 hours. The outcome of the preliminary interview concluded that it was credible and decided to proceed with the formal interview. Lisa only met her once before the project meeting

– The pre-project interview took place at the Star Hotel in Darling Harbour

– About 10 a.m

– Britney, David Sharaz, Angus Llewlyn and Lisa Wilkinson, all present

– It was subsequently informed that it was recorded by Angus

– A few email exchanges between Sharaz, “a young woman he knew had been the victim of sexual assault, I believe it was in Parliament House, everything in the story is devastating if interested, Lisa would be the best person to make available to the public.”. – – Lisa was not informed at the time that it was Sharaz’s girlfriend (Britney).

David Sharaz called and spoke to Lisa as Brittany was concerned about speaking to Lisa. I’ve never met her outside of Star Casino and have spoken to her on the phone after emails with David Sharaz.

– Don’t give any version of the events of M123, David had informed Lisa that she was extremely fragile.

Interview with Star Casino before the project –

• Brittany was a young clerk in Ciobio’s office, he lost his role as Minister, his department was taken over by Reynolds.

• Brittany found her way into the Bureau’s power structure

• Went for a drink, originally thought it was a Saturday night

• Originally thinking that Bruce Lehrman was quite intimidating, she was now trying to figure out the office’s power structure

• Bruce bought Brittany drinks, he didn’t seem to drink

• Brittany got pretty drunk pretty quickly

• Went out with three other people after first few drinks, Bruce Lehrmann said he would arrange a cab to go home.

• Brittany got in a cab with Bruce, for some reason Bruce said he had to go to Parliament House. He said he had to pick something up at the office.

When they got to Secretary Reynolds’ office, security guards had to let them in. delivery of passports.

• Brittany sensed she was drunk, sat on the windowsill and then sat on the couch, Bruce was doing something in the office. The next thing she remembers, she woke up in excruciating pain as Bruce Lehrman raped her. Brittany told him several times to stop, but he didn’t. Then he suddenly stopped and left the room.

• She said she couldn’t remember why she felt so drunk because she hadn’t been drinking much

– Lisa had to have an extensive discussion with the project’s executive producer about why it should be a story. Brittany must have told me what happened in room M123

Telephone to be able to proceed with the pre-project interview.

Both interviews took place at the Star Casino.

– Emails between David Sharaz and Lisa went from January 18th to 21st, 2021.

– The project interview took place on February 2, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. at the Star Casino

– Britney was never paid for the interview

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