ChatGPT saved my dog’s life after vet couldn’t help, man claims

A Twitter user said ChatGPT saved his dog’s life by correctly diagnosing a blood condition that vets were unable to identify.

The user, who walks by Cooper on his @peakcooper account, said his border collie, named Sassy, ​​was diagnosed with a tick-borne illness, but despite the treatment prescribed, the symptoms began to worsen.

Cooper took Sassy back to the vet, but they were unable to diagnose further and advised just waiting to see how the dog’s condition develops.

Not wanting to risk Sassy’s health, Cooper decided to enter the dog’s bloodwork into ChatGPT4 and ask the program for his diagnosis. The AI ​​chatbot pointed out that they weren’t dealing with a veterinarian, but indicated that the dog’s blood work and symptoms indicated he could be suffering from immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA).

He said he then took that prognosis to another vet, who confirmed it and began treating the dog appropriately. Cooper said Sassy has since made a full recovery, saying, “ChatGPT4 saved my dog’s life.”

Sassy, ​​Cooper's dog, who suffered from a blood disorder that vets couldn't diagnose

Sassy, ​​Cooper’s dog, who suffered from a blood disorder that vets couldn’t diagnose


“After my dog ​​was diagnosed with a tick borne disease the vet started the proper treatment and despite severe anemia her condition appeared to be improving reasonably well. However, things took a turn for the worse after a few days,” Cooper wrote on his Twitter account.

“I noticed her gums were very pale, so we rushed back to the vet. The blood test revealed an even more severe anemia, even worse than the first day we came in. The vet ran further tests to rule out other co-infections related to tick-borne diseases but came back negative.”

Cooper said the vet finally threw his hands up and he started taking Sassy to other vets for opinions when it struck him that ChatGPT might be ideal for making a diagnosis.

AI programs like ChatGPT scour the internet for data, which it aggregates into a communicable form. To provide a possible diagnosis for Cooper, it would have taken the information he entered and compared it to the extensive medical resources available on the internet and returned the best match.

“It occurred to me that medical diagnostics seemed like something GPT4 could possibly be really good at, so I detailed the situation,” Cooper wrote.

He said he meticulously entered the results of Sassy’s blood work into the program and asked the program for his diagnosis.

In response, the program warned it was not a veterinarian and advised Cooper to seek a professional opinion, but offered a prognosis nonetheless.

ChatGPT4's diagnosis after reviewing the dog's blood test information provided by Cooper

ChatGPT4’s diagnosis after reviewing the dog’s blood test information provided by Cooper



Based on Sassy’s CBC and symptoms, Cooper described several conditions that could be causing the disease, including internal bleeding from injury, parasites, or infection, along with the possibility that the dog had IMHA.

Cooper said internal bleeding was ruled out by ultrasound at the vet, so IMHA was the only other possibility.

“I knew that the 4DX test ruled out other co-infections and an ultrasound ruled out internal bleeding, leaving us with a single diagnosis that has matched everything so far: IMHA,” he wrote.

When he offered IMHA to the vet as a possibility, Cooper said they ran tests and confirmed this was what Sassy was suffering from. The dog was then given the appropriate treatment and made a full recovery.

“Following numerous further tests, the diagnosis was confirmed. GPT4 was right,” Cooper wrote.

He noted that he had been working with the latest generation of ChatGPT’s AI software – GPT4 – which was released on March 14, and that the previous generation – GPT3.5 – could not diagnose.

“GPT-3.5 failed to place the correct diagnosis, but GPT4 was smart enough to do so. I can’t imagine what medical diagnostics will be like 20 years from now,” he wrote.

“Hopefully it will help other people who are having health issues with their pets,” Cooper told He added that people should not blindly follow the program’s advice and that they should always seek professional opinions when making decisions about their pet’s health. ChatGPT saved my dog’s life after vet couldn’t help, man claims

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