Ex-USMNT stars tune in to the Reynas as Tony Meola blasts his old teammate for ‘crossing the line’

Several former USMNT stars-turned-analysts have taken to Twitter as the fallout from the Gregg Berhalter investigation — and the role the Reyna family played in it — continues across American football.

Ex-goalkeeper Tony Meola and former forwards Taylor Twellman, Herculez Gomez and Stu Holden all used their platforms on Twitter and their respective networks to share their opinions on the situation that has gripped the US Football Association and its fans.

It was revealed on Wednesday that Claudio and Danielle Reyna had leaked information to the USSF about an abusive incident between Gregg Berhalter and his now-wife Rosalinda.

This disclosure led to US Soccer opening an investigation into Berhalter’s conduct, as well as incidents of inappropriate behavior towards employees.

Austin FC's Claudio Reyna

2022 USMNT trainer Gregg Berhalter

The situation between Claudio Reyna and Gregg Berhalter has divided US soccer

On SiriusXMFC, Meola slammed Claudio and Danielle Reyna for their actions, which he felt “crossed a line”.

“That should never happen. I don’t care that your son was mocked. I let my kids go to college, you know how many times I’ve wanted to pick up the phone and say, “Coach, what the ___ are you doing with my kid?” and I didn’t because I know the ramifications afterwards. I’m an adult,’ Meola remarked.

I know the consequences. I love US soccer. I’ve always loved the national team. I’ve always liked playing for the national team. When I was a player, I wore the badge with more pride than anyone will ever know. Only I know how proud I was to wear the badge.

“I became a fan after I finished and I was proud of the national team. I was proud of where we went. I was proud of the development we made in this country. I became national coach of the youth national team. By the way, I was proud to see this group of players grow up – including Gio Reyna.

“I’m not really proud of what happened to the national team today. I really am not. This saddens me in many ways. It disgusts me in so many different ways. That should never have come out. Shame on Danielle Reyna to think that even though she knows what she knows, she didn’t think this would come out. That she thought this was just a conversation.

“That she — and by the way, I’ll add Claudio — that he crossed the line of a friendship… They completely crossed the line and that’s unacceptable. It’s not acceptable. I am sad to be a US soccer fan today.

Ex-USMNT keeper Tony Meola blasted Reyna's

Ex-USMNT keeper Tony Meola blasted Reyna’s “this should never happen” line

ESPN's Taylor Twellman reiterated how

ESPN’s Taylor Twellman reiterated how “extremely sad” this whole situation has become

Speaking on ESPN’s sports news program Outside the Lines, Twellman shared his disbelief with host Jeremy Schapp.

“Honestly, it’s sad for me. I think, in short, it tells you where US soccer is and how US soccer is, the fact that we’re talking about it. That the Berhalters have to live through this again in front of an audience and in the eyes of the public. Based on what justification? Because he wasn’t playing his best friend’s son?” Twellman wondered.

“What are we really talking about here? These are best friends. These are families that grew up together. And what are we talking about? What? And that’s what I don’t understand, how we got to this point. You can disagree with everything Gregg Berhalter has done as a manager, as a coach I have no problem with that.

“But now we’re on Outside the Lines, now we’re on ESPN, now we’re reading how this is being reported [the Berhalters] felt blackmailed because of something that happened over 30 years ago when they were 18 and that his now said wife, who is over 25, and four children are all having to relive.

“I don’t know how we are at this point and we’re not talking about what happened on the field. We don’t talk about that. What shoud that? These are best friends. That makes me sad Jeremy, that’s the only word I would use. It is very sad that we are at this point.’

Herculez Gomez criticized US soccer, tweeting that they

Herculez Gomez criticized US soccer, tweeting that they “can’t dodge these questions forever”.

Twellman wasn’t the only ESPN employee to share his thoughts on the situation. In one thread, former USMNT forward and current ESPN analyst Herculez Gomez posted a thread revealing his thoughts on the situation.

“This is wild and extremely sad for everyone involved. Domestic violence, blackmail claims, helicopter parenting and just plain sad telenovela drama between a group of two very close friends.

“Cindy P. Cone, Earnie Stewart and [ex-USMNT striker and current team GM] Brian McBride is on the clock now. . Can’t dodge these questions forever. investigation pending. We get it. I don’t see Gregg Berhalter coming back from this. . This can have further consequences. After that, he might have trouble finding work in the US.

“Claudio & Danielle Reyna are looking awful in this exam but Claudio will not be affected. At least not working with Austin FC. It is not necessary for a parent of a full national team player to ever have direct contact with the association or the team. For what?

“Gio Reyna is now being judged unfairly (or fairly for many) for the actions of his parents. He’s still only 20, he made one or more mistakes. Rosalind Berhalter didn’t deserve to show this piece of the world and her children.

“In the midst of this are two families with very young children who are now dealing with their parents’ past (and current) mistakes (and trauma). In a public forum. That trumps 1998.”

Stu Holden, analyst and former US forward for FOX Soccer also spoke up, saying: “Everybody loses here. What a horrible and unnecessary mess – it’s all happening in public now. Damage control everywhere, but it’s too late.”

FOX's Stu Holden also shared his thoughts on the matter, calling it an

FOX’s Stu Holden also shared his thoughts on the matter, calling it an “unnecessary mess.”

Berhalter told Reyna that he will be attending the 2022 World Cup in a limited role

Berhalter told Reyna that he will be attending the 2022 World Cup in a limited role

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-11601227/Ex-USMNT-stars-turn-Reynas-Tony-Meola-slams-old-teammate-crossing-line.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490&ito=1490 Ex-USMNT stars tune in to the Reynas as Tony Meola blasts his old teammate for ‘crossing the line’

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