How to Make Use of Workforce Productivity Analytics Data

In recent years workforce productivity analytics have become increasingly popular. It is easy to see why that is the case as it provides the means to collect and analyze data on how employees spend their working hours and how it affects their productivity.

But on its own all that raw data and analysis is meaningless. Instead, if you want to leverage the potential of workforce productivity analytics – you need to know how to make use of the data it provides.

Compare Productivity More Accurately

Workforce productivity is close to impossible to accurately measure manually. At most you may be able to roughly gauge time spent working via a ‘punch card’ system and cross check that with work output. In most cases however it is subjective, inaccurate, and leaves much to be desired.

Employee monitoring tools like Controlio however will let you compare productivity far more accurately. With it you can track exactly how employees spend every minute of the time they’re meant to be working – including what apps they use, websites they visit, and more.

Based on that you can then calculate productivity far more accurately and compare the productivity of individual employees or teams. Some tools like Controlio may even calculate their own productivity score for each employee or team.

Analyze Top Performers

Being able to compare the productivity of employees will let you easily find the top performers. And once you do, the next step to effective productivity management is to analyze their behavior and working habits to figure out why they’re more productive than other employees.

Try to analyze top performers from as many angles as possible including the apps they use, whether they have fewer process bottlenecks, how frequently they take breaks, and so on. That should let you hammer down ways that you can try to improve the productivity of your other employees.

In some cases it may help to analyze top performing teams in a similar fashion to see if they have unique ways of collaboration that may benefit other teams too.

Eliminate Potential Distractions

Part of the beauty of Controlio Monitoring Software is that because it tells you what apps are used and websites are visited, it is easy to identify whether employees have a tendency to waste time during working hours by browsing social media, watching online videos, and so on. It even has features that will let you eliminate most potential distractions by blocking unwanted websites.

While you may not want to be too heavy-handed and completely restrict employees from accessing all websites that aren’t work-related – having the option doesn’t hurt. At very least you will be able to determine if employees are distracted too frequently and talk to them about it.

Ultimately it would be best if you can find out why your employees are easily distracted and take action to address that. It will let you tackle the root of the problem as opposed to the symptoms by blocking all websites and platforms that may be potential distractions.


Starting to see how you can effectively make use of workforce productivity analytics data? Keep in mind this is really just the tip of the iceberg, and the fact of the matter is that you can use it to make better and more data-driven decisions involving your employees on multiple fronts.

In fact using workforce productivity analytics effectively is crucial if you want your business to succeed. It is a vital tool that can help boost employee productivity, engagement, and efficiency – while at the same time also making it easier to manage employees too.

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