How to make your Instagram profile thrive in 2022? 4 best tools to use.

If you have come on Instagram in 2022 and don’t know what to start with to have results straight away, this article is made for you: in it we have collected 4 decent methods to use to gain the audience and be able to retain it with no effort, growing and developing as you go. Two of these methods are going to be free, and two are going to be paid; however, we’d recommend you to not hesitate and start using all of them as soon as possible, because only the combination of several promotional methods can help you reach good results today.

What is available for free

If you’re still hesitating, you can start off with learning how to use hashtags and how to post regularly. You might be surprised, but yes, both of those are decent methods in terms of growing the audience. Some people think that they can gain new subs quickly only if they buy Instagram followers, but this is not true. If you’d learn how to utilize hashtags, the growth is also going to be pretty impressive.

The thing is that the mechanics of using hashtags have changed a lot, and today you don’t need to gather as many as possible – you need to be very precise with which ones you’re using and leave up to 10 tags under one post, but never more than that. Also you should make sure that you have chosen the specific tags – the more specific the better, because people who are going to be looking for your products, services or content are going to be using the very specific tags, and they won’t be using the ones with the broadest meaning possible. So it is best to filter the tags and get rid of the ones that only litter the space under your publication.

Posting regularly is key to success in general. You can organize as many promos as possible, you can cooperate with bloggers and brands, but if your audience won’t have an uninterrupted flow of your content in their feed, the chances to succeed are very little. You have to always have a content plan ready, and you should always be there for your audience as well. Providing them with interesting stuff and being friendly and open will also get you more new followers, as the audience that you have is going to recommend you to their friends and acquaintances if they see that you’re really trying.

What can you do for money

The best option here is to buy real Instagram followers, because these without a doubt will give you an increase in the subs’ count and at the same time can improve your statistics. The second point is possible if you purchase exclusively real subs, not bots or fakes – we don’t think that you need additional explanation here, it is pretty obvious why fakes are bad for you. Add this up with PR from a blogger (choose the one from your niche) and don’t forget about the free methods, and your page is going to get great changes on it in the shortest period of time.

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