League of Legends Aurelion Sol Rework: Skills, Release Date

Aurelion Sol is getting an overhaul in League of Legends Patch 13.3 that changes how the Star Forger will operate in Summoner’s Rift.

There are so many champions in League of Legends that it’s almost impossible to make sure they’re all playable in the meta. Typically, when a champion is struggling to watch the game for an extended period of time, Riot Games will revise their abilities to make them more profitable. Some examples from the past are Mordekaiser, Irelia and Udyr.

Here’s a look at Aurelion Sol’s new kit.

Cosmic Maker (Passive)

Aurelion Sol’s damaging abilities grant him Stardust, which permanently improves his abilities. This is similar to Syndra’s recent overhaul, in that her passive ability generates stacks that will eventually boost her other three abilities.

Breath of Light (Q)

Much like a dragon, Aurelion Sol’s new Q reveals that he breathes light on his opponent, dealing reduced damage to nearby enemies. Breath of Light (Q) range increases based on Aurelion Sol’s level. This ability deals explosion damage when used on an enemy for a full second, and these explosions grant Aurelion Sol Stardust. Gathering Stardust increases this ability.

Astral flight (W)

This ability is similar to Aurelion Sol’s previous Comet of Legend (E) ability, which let him fly over terrain and cast his Q while flying. The devs kept almost everything the same as his Astral Flight (W) also allows him to cast his Q while flying. Stardust increases the maximum range of this ability.

singularity (E)

Aurelion Sol summons a black hole that slowly pulls her toward the center, dealing damage. If the enemies are pulled to the center and are low enough, they will be executed. These executions grant Aurelion Sol more stardust, which increases the size of the black hole and the execution threshold.

Shooting Star/Sky Falling (R)

The Falling Star (R) is the base form of his ultimate ability, which summons a star from the sky that deals damage and stuns enemies hit. Aurelion Sol collects stardust based on the number of enemy champions hit. The Stardust increases the star’s size, and collecting 75 Stardust improves its next Ultimate.

The Skies Descend (R) is the next Ultimate cast after reaching 75 Stardust. This updated version increases the impact zone and damage dealt to enemies. Importantly, the impact zone knocks up enemies rather than stuns them. Upon landing, there is a shockwave that spreads far across the map, damaging and slowing enemies. Gathering stardust increases the impact zone of his ultimate ability.

The rework of Aurelion Sol is scheduled to be released with Patch 13.3. With patch 13.1 releasing tomorrow, we’re still about four weeks away from patching with an updated Aurelion Sol. Based on the typical release dates of previous patches, the Aurelion Sol update should be playable on February 7th.

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