Modiphius recently published two new sources for infinity

Modiphius Entertainment released two new books for the Infinity TTRPG this week, both containing a lot of sourcebook material. As far as can be seen in the two listings below, it gets one big ship, while the second carries a technology center across the galaxy. These are in pdf format and are available in the online shop. No word on whether physical editions will be released later, but the content is available now for around $11 a piece.

Credit: Modiphius Entertainment

Infinity is a ship of the human realm.

The second race for the stars is far behind us. It’s time for us to reap rewards and reach for infinity and conquer the galaxy. However, humanity had such a variety of ships as the one that could explore, colonize, trade and exploit the rift between the stars. The constant expansion of the human sphere is firmly based on its abilities of exploration, travel and control created by the wide variety of starships, from planetary shuttles to planetary probes to the ubiquitous circulars.

The Sphere’s systems are executed by a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from the purely utilitarian to the utterly luxurious, making it easy to claim fame or keep your Empresa secret. The curious and ambitious don’t need a world. The fate of the planet depends on its surface battles, but the force that controls its space wins the war. Each faction of the human sphere has infused their personality and military approach into their fleets in design, equipment and tactics with meticulous planning and clever admirals living up to the day.

A vast pan-oceanic firepower, the sexy Haqqa Islamites, intrepid Das and treacherous and disorganized Nomad Buccaneers, the elegant ALEPH sentiment ships, the mighty Taroon gunships of Kosmoflot, the persuasive Starmada spaceship and the brutal and corrupt Combined Army, among others Pirates, aliens and non-aligned flotillas. Whether your goal is academic success, human capital, or military action, this book has everything you need to rid the world of the human sphere and make us yours! Don’t forget that space will try to kill you, so make sure your enemies are in front of you. Sourcebook Infinity: Vessels of the Human Sphere is the author of:

  • All spacemen are all repossessed in the human sphere, whether that is modestly or modestly dingy, or simply a tug to planet killers and space stations!
  • The role rolled for the world’s mightiest warships – including the majestic flagships of the G5 nations and the darkest secrets of the Combined Armada.
  • The complete guide to equipment, upgrades and customization options for starships and loyal crews!
  • Then keep a clumsy in the void while keeping your enemy from banging their head on the sword’s hammer.

Credit: Modiphius Entertainment

Technology Infinity is a study of the human sphere.

In the world of global domotics and augmented reality have long since become a luxury. In a world where consumption is the ultimate lifestyle choice, get inspired by what’s hot and what’s cool in fashion, leisure, transportation and lifestyle. Try a new, more advanced model and try to upgrade it with one of the amazing colorful extensions. Biotechnology and chemistry are just an asset.

For our digital clients, come to Maya and surf the datasphere safe in the knowledge that your security measures protect you from mild embarrassments, as well as our new technologies that protect your surroundings from space itself. Endless seas of products and luxury await your pleasure. It’s terrifying when you buy something more expensive and have to settle for something beautiful with yet another change! From the most thorough maps to the fully featured space stations, you can count on the most advanced credit checks and a range of easy payment methods.

Is she a rake? Why not use a nanofilament blade? do you like your nose Work yourself in your furzona. Do you need a ride? Forget second circular tickets and get your Tier 5 Battleship! GoGo Marlene and live BIG! So head straight to your nomadic mercado, your Merovingian trade agent, the caravanserai of your Haqqallah of choice, or even Warmarket at Warcon! Buy him if he finds it cheaper. This sourcebook contains the Infinity: Human Sciences, featuring: Technology in the Human Sphere.

  • A comprehensive study of technologies critical to human health, including neomaterials and silk.
  • How to live like the richest and most famous in different parts of the galaxy. An overview of the material blessings of the human sphere and their uses.
  • Dataspheres, Augmented Reality, Infowar and more! Thinkers and rules exist on a quantronic battlefield.
  • Security gear, physical augments, weapons, work gear and just one mod.
  • With over 100 spreadsheet pages, almost everything in the galaxy is available!

https://game-news24.com/2022/07/02/modiphius-recently-released-two-new-sources-for-infinity/ Modiphius recently published two new sources for infinity

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