OpenSooq: Your Gateway to the Best Car Deals in UAE

Are you looking to sell your car and buy a new one? And you don’t know where and how to start your search? Don’t worry! We have a perfect solution to this problem and that is OpenSooq.

If you are trying to buy a car for the first time in the UAE, there are certain things to watch out for before making this big decision. The thing that most people have trouble with is where to find the information about the suitable type of car to buy.

And if you are trying to sell your car, you want to get good customers and the price of it. Finding potential customers is not a piece of cake, and for that, the best option is to select the most reliable selling online platform.

Luckily, using OpenSooq can help you with both: selling or buying a car in the UAE with minimum hassle.

Introduction to OpenSooq

OpenSooq is the best and most trusted online platform to sell and buy your dream car in the UAE. It is the classified ad website that helps you not only choose the most suitable car for you but also allows you to put an ad on its website to sell your car at your desired price.

OpenSooq has made it really easy for everyone coming across its website by providing simple and user-friendly categories. You will not only get great car deals here, but many other options too. Such as shops, motorcycles, Real Estate, jobs, electronics, pets, business equipment, Home & Garden, and a few more to name.

So, OpenSooq is not just about car deals but a wholesome platform to buy and sell other things too.

How to Get Started?

To use OpenSooq either to find cars for sale in Dubai or UAE or to put up an ad to sell your car, first, you need to Sign Up on the website.

Open the official website of OpenSooq and click on the “Login or Sign Up” button and provide your phone number to get started.

How To Sell Your Car on OpenSooq?

After successfully making an account, start creating a listing in the form of an ad to sell your car. You need to provide authentic information about your car including the car make, car type, model, mileage, price, and other relevant things.

Things to Remember While Selling Your Car on OpenSooq

Make sure to add all the relevant details to make your listing attractive to potential buyers. As that is the way your car will get sold out at a much good price in lesser time.

Before setting the price for your car, do market research on your own or you can look at other cars listed as yours on OpenSooq. Always set a competitive price neither too high nor too low.

And lastly, whenever any buyer contacts you, be humble and deal with him politely while negotiating.

How to Buy a Car on OpenSooq?

To buy the car, open the homepage of OpenSooq and go to the Autos category. Next, you need to click on the Cars For Sale category. You will be redirected to all the listings available at the moment.

The listings show the photos of the car, the contact number of the owner, price, model, and car type. But for more ease, OpenSooq provides you with several filters which narrow down your search for the ideal car.

It has several filters, from price, model, car type, insurance, payment method, regional origin, and condition to the city location.

Things to Remember While Buying a Car on OpenSooq

  • Remember to use the filters to make your search process easy, as there are thousands of listings available.
  • Ask all the queries and questions in your mind while contacting the owner.
  • Do market research about the price and condition and then negotiate nicely.
  • If you want to rent a car for yourself, OpenSooq also has thousands of cars under the cars for rent category.

Wrapping up

OpenSooq is an excellent online platform for car deals in the UAE. More than 100 car brands are available along with many models from Suzuki to BMW.

If you feel uncomfortable or hesitate to contact some random person to make a car deal, OpenSooq has the Shops category where you will get cars offered by many cars showrooms. Contact the shop to make the perfect deal using the same method as described for the Cars for Sale category.

Make sure to check out OpenSooq today and get the best car of your choice and price.

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