Optical illusion promises to reveal hidden aspects of your personality

This optical illusion is designed to reveal things even you didn’t know about yourself.

The popular personality test can reportedly tell you a lot, from deeply hidden aspects of your personality to your own IQ.

The colorful image features an array of flowers and plants in an arrangement that reflects different shapes depending on the viewer, including animals, plants and more.

The item you decipher first from the big picture says a myriad of things about your personality.

This includes whether you are constantly seeking knowledge or whether you are a self-sufficient soul.

Take a look at the image below and see what you see first…

The colorful, nature-filled optical illusion is designed to reveal all the deeply hidden parts of yourself. Whether you're constantly searching for wanderlust or struggling with your own self-esteem

The colorful, nature-filled optical illusion is designed to reveal all the deeply hidden parts of yourself. Whether you’re constantly searching for wanderlust or struggling with your own self-esteem

If you saw a face first, we have unfortunate news for you. Facial recognition means you have difficulty asserting your own identity.

In this way, you construct an identity for the rest of the world and build the illusion of a person who is not really you.

You try to be the jack-of-all-trades to make a character stand out, using different aspects of your life to attract public attention.

You can use your environment, such as your family and romantic relationships, as well as materialistic elements, such as your social media followers, to bring together a character for the outside world.

Other things you can use for this can include your past experiences, memories and achievements, according to the website India Times.

If your eye is immediately drawn to the shape of a brain or a tree, then your curious mind is always looking for growth.

You are a curious soul who loves experiencing new ideas and places.

Maybe you’re even a fan of psychology or the philosophy of love. It’s likely that your interest will also be piqued by the inner workings of the human mind, the website writes.

You are not just like everyone else. You are constantly engaging with and ruminating on the information in the world around you.

According to the publication, nature can sometimes even provide subtle clues to the “bigger picture.”

Sometimes this overload of information can easily make you feel lethargic and even tired.

You haven’t seen a bird or a tree – not even a face? Then don’t worry. In this case, you’ll probably say you saw a free-gliding bird instead.

If the answer is yes, a bird perfectly highlights your free-spirited nature.

You reportedly hate being controlled or tamed and are not bound by the standards of the society around you.

They focus on the wonder and glory of Mother Nature rather than the monotonous nature of everyday life.

Unlike those who have seen a face, you are well in tune with yourself and do not need to establish your own identity – all you want from your life is freedom.

According to the publication, you’re probably not a big fan of monotonous everyday routines and are better suited to a no-holds-barred nomadic lifestyle.

The best way to achieve this is to be one with Mother Nature, climb mountains, hike through forests and lounge in the sea.

Even if your heart yearns to fulfill its long-standing wanderlust with a bit of globetrotting,

It’s not all praise for those who see the bird, however, as the India Times also recommends you better balance your desire to see the world with nurturing your relationships with friends and family.

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