The 5 best bot lane duos in League of Legends patch 8.7

With the latest patch for League of Legends, both AD Carry and Support have been evaluated to see their top champions. Now the two are brought together to see who is the best bot lane duo in League of Legends Patch 8.7.

Ezreal and Braum work well together as their skills and ranges work well together. Braum is a direct support that can protect Ezreal at short range.

Also, Braum’s stun makes it super easy for Ezreal to land his Q and W, making his damage more consistent. Finally, the two ults together make a nice wombo combo.

While Ezreal and Braum are open fighters, Thresh and Jhin thrive at medium to long distances from their opponents.

Threshing hooks pull the champion slowly and lightly enough for Jhin to easily land his W. Thresh also works well with Jhin because Jhin has no way out, so Thresh Lanterns work well with storage.

Xayah + Rakan = Xakan, and it has always been strong.

While other bot lane duos have taken some of the spotlight from the two of late, they’re still a powerful duo and perform well in almost every matchup. They can be aggressive, passive, or secure.

These two champions work well together because they’re both front runners in their respective roles, it’s that simple.

Kai’Sa can easily land her abilities with Janna Tornadoes. And if Kai’Sa goes in too hard and goes under, Janna provides the perfect shielding, healing, and exfoliation necessary to protect her.

These two are GG almost instantly when the opposing team gets them.

There’s just so many things they do well together. The laning phase allows Caitlyn to play super aggressively while staying healthy from healing Nami. Additionally, since Caitlyn is a lane bully, Nami can abuse her bladders and cause damage.

And if Nami lands a bubble, surely Caitlyn will land a trap, and that’s just gross.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games The 5 best bot lane duos in League of Legends patch 8.7

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