The 5 best junglers in League of Legends patch 8.24

The best junglers in League of Legends patch 8.24 are a product of many changes to the game across the board, including changes to champions, items, and runes that have rocked the game during the off-season.

Given the changes introduced in the latest patch, here are the top five junglers in League of Legends patch 8.24.

Kayn excels in the jungle with his mobility that allows players to invade, causing the enemy jungler to fall behind. With his ability to walk through walls, Kayn has access to unique and surprising ganking options that can easily catch laners off guard to secure a kill. As an assassin, Kayn can quickly snowball if he scores successful early ganks to transform into one of his two forms and take over the game.

Another strong choice for the jungle, Taliyah recently received buffs to her early cooldowns on Threaded Salve, which serves as her main damage option from her entire kit. With her ultimate ability, she can quickly gank a lane and stop enemies from fleeing. Your wall also serves to shake up a teamfight and isolate a target or help siege towers in later stages of the game.

Xin Zhao has remained a strong pick due to his ability to win high-priority skirmishes early in the game. The spear-wielding character is one of the strongest fighters in the early game, and he’ll take down the majority of enemy junglers when fighting Scuttle Crabs. He can quickly jump on ranged carries with his dash and set them apart from the rest of their team with his ultimate, allowing his allies to focus on an enemy and quickly gun them down.

Evelynn is one of the strongest AP junglers in the game with her high upfront damage and access to stealth. Though she struggles with a weaker Clear before reaching level 6, she can successfully invade or use her passive ability to scout and track the enemy jungler. Likewise, her stealth prevents enemies from seeing her ganking, allowing her to get easy kills.

Graves is considered one of the strongest picks in the jungle when players can successfully pull off early ganks. Graves has clear healthy jungle with his Q and E skills and is good at countering the jungle to hold back his enemy jungler. As a ranged jungler, he can easily kite jungle monsters, which aids him in clearing while also giving him an advantage in skirmishes throughout the jungle.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games The 5 best junglers in League of Legends patch 8.24

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