Top 5 Overwatch Heroes vs Ashe

Ashe was released today on the Overwatch PTR, and with players testing everything about her, it’s time to release a far too early list of counters for the heroine. For some general info, Ashe is a high damage, low mobility hero who has some incredibly unique abilities and is sure to make a positive impact on Overwatch.

This fight should be relatively balanced in most cases, depending on the map it’s taking place on. McCree is a little closer and could kill an Ashe instantly if he gets close enough to Flashbang her. This fight will ultimately come down to who hits headshots faster.

Is there anything Brigitte is not good at? For Ashe, the answer is still no. If the healer can get close, this should be an easy win for Brigitte as she can smash and smack her way to victory.

This match often depends on the status of Genji’s reflection. If a Genji can get behind an Ashe and take some damage, it can reflect its abilities and render it useless. The Genji will be in trouble if they allow the Ashe to get a good shot.

Similar to #1 on this list, Hanzo has a massive range advantage and instant kill potential. His mobility doesn’t hurt either, as he can easily jump around her and make her life miserable. This fight is all about positioning, as Hanzo can easily take advantage of range play.

Widowmaker is a counter to many heroes in the game, as her long range and high damage can kill most heroes instantly. Ashe is closer, so getting in line of sight of a good Widowmaker player will very likely result in death.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Top 5 Overwatch Heroes vs Ashe

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