Types Of Computers And Their Components

The world has changed a lot since the first computers were invented. The first electronic computer was built in the 1940s and weighed several tons, but today’s computers are much smaller and faster. So in this article, you’ll take a look at the different types of computers that are used today and what makes each type unique.


Supercomputers are extremely powerful computers, capable of performing at the speed of thousands of personal computers. Supercomputers are used for complex calculations and simulations that require more power than any single computer can provide.

An 80’s supercomputer was used for a variety of tasks, such as weather forecasting, military modeling, or physical simulations in automotive design. Supercomputers tend to cost millions of dollars and take up entire rooms full of machinery to perform their functions; however, they typically outperform smaller computers in completing tasks faster than those machines could ever hope to do on their own.

Adobe Acrobat professionals say, “CRAY-2 gave way to the next, more potent generation of supercomputers.”

Desktop Computer

A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for regular use at a single location. It’s bigger than a laptop and has a casing containing most components, including the motherboard, power supply, CPU and memory modules.

The keyboard and mouse are usually attached to the unit’s base so they can be used on your desk.

Laptop Computer

A laptop computer is a portable, self-contained device with a built-in keyboard, mouse, screen and battery. If you have ever watched a movie or played a game on your phone or tablet, you have seen the basic layout of laptops. Laptops are easy to use and very convenient for people who often travel or work in different places.

Laptops can be used anywhere as long as they are plugged into an external power source that gives them access to electricity. However, there are other ways to use them without being plugged in by using Wi-Fi networks when they travel around town.

Tablet computer

A tablet computer is a portable computer that has a touchscreen and no physical keyboard. Tablet computers are similar to laptop computers, but they have touchscreens and can be used as a personal digital assistant (PDA). They are more portable than laptops and have lower power consumption.

Mainframe computers

Mainframe computers are not just large; they are also powerful and expensive. They can perform multiple tasks at once, making them ideal for complex business processes. For example, mainframe computers can be used for things like databases and transaction processing in banking institutions.

In addition to being expensive, mainframe computers are also difficult to maintain because they require a lot of space and power. For this reason, many companies prefer smaller personal computers or laptops over mainframes because of their lower costs and easier maintenance requirements.

A desktop computer is the most common type of computer. It has a monitor, keyboard and mouse that you use to interact with the computer. A laptop is similar to a desktop but smaller and more portable. A tablet computer has no physical keyboard or mouse but uses touchscreens for input. Mainframes are large computers used by large organizations like banks or governments.

Supercomputers are extremely powerful machines made up of thousands of smaller computers working together as one system to solve complex problems faster than any single machine could do on its own (like playing chess).

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