What are the signs of a breast cancer lump? Woman credits surgical bra for cancer diagnosis

Australian reveals how a $6 bra in an op shop led to her shock diagnosis of breast cancer: ‘I owe it to my life, don’t be like me’

  • An Australian has revealed how she found cancer after visiting an operating room
  • The woman bought a bra but found it uncomfortable after a few days
  • She examined and found a lump on the underside of her breast

An Australian has revealed how buying a $6 bra saved her life after discovering a cancerous lump in her breast.

The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, bought the new bra from an op shop after seeing it only cost $6.

After a few days, she fretted over the new piece of clothing that “didn’t fit right” — a common annoyance that thankfully led to the somber discovery.

An Australian has revealed how buying a $6 bra saved her life after realizing she had a cancerous lump in her breast

An Australian has revealed how buying a $6 bra saved her life after realizing she had a cancerous lump in her breast

“When I was trying to figure out why, I found a large lump at the bottom of my breast,” she said.

The find led to the woman undergoing a lumpectomy and subsequent breast cancer treatment, further underscoring the importance of regular breast self-exams.

“I essentially owe this bra my life,” she wrote.

“Thank you to everyone who gave away this almost new Sloggi bra. Best $6 I’ve ever spent.”

The woman’s anonymous post was seen by thousands of people who thanked her for sharing her story.

“Sometimes the op shop purchase finds you, not the other way around. I hope you are doing better and your life is full of blessings,” said one woman.

How do I recognize breast cancer? The simple routine that could save your life

Take the time to “find out” how your breasts normally look and feel through normal, regular activities (such as showering, getting dressed, applying body lotion, or looking in the mirror).

You don’t have to use any special technique, but make sure to regularly examine and feel your breasts. Make sure this includes all parts of your chest, your armpit and up to your collarbone.

It is recommended for women of all ages to be breast conscious. Breast awareness is familiar with the normal look and feel of your breasts, allowing you to recognize unusual changes (e.g. of the breast or changes in the shape of the nipple).


A new lump is one of the most common signs of breast cancer. Lumps that are breast cancer can vary. For example, they can be painless or painful. Lumps can also be a sign of benign (noncancerous) breast disease. However, if you’ve found a new lump or breast lesion, it’s important to see your doctor so it can be checked by a doctor.

It’s important to remember that breast sensing is not a substitute for regular mammograms and other checkups recommended by your doctor. Some people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer will have signs or symptoms. However, some women have no signs/symptoms and the breast cancer is detected during a screening mammogram.

Anyone can get breast cancer. Men and women. Young and old. Breast cancer does not discriminate.

“I think you’ll beat cancer. This bra should be yours. It had a purpose and served its purpose. I wish you a speedy but gentle recovery,” said another.

The woman went on to reveal that she hasn’t worn the bra since her diagnosis.

“But I will always keep it. And I still visit the OP shop regularly. Please don’t be like me and do those mammograms and do those self exams,” she said.

She believes finding the bra and lump was due to “divine intervention.”

What are the symptoms of breast cancer?

Different people have different symptoms of breast cancer. Some people have no signs or symptoms at all.

Some warning signs of breast cancer are:

New lump in the breast or armpit (armpit)

thickening or swelling of part of the breast

Irritation or deepening of the breast skin

Redness or scaly skin around the nipples or breasts

Nipple retraction or nipple pain

Nipple discharge other than breast milk, including blood

Any change in the size or shape of the breast

pain in any area of ​​the chest

Keep in mind that these symptoms can also occur with other conditions that aren’t cancer.

Source: CDC


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