When Trinny Woodall and Charles Saatchi break up… how tough women are in the 50’s writes SARAH VINE

Ouch. Another bites the dust. Another high-profile power couple is going their separate ways, this time Trinny Woodall and Charles Saatchi.

After a decade together, Trinny has moved out of the home the couple shared, telling her 1.2million followers, “It’s a new morning, it’s a new day, it’s a new life,” alluding to that things had been ‘a bit up and down’.

Saatchi was less accommodating. Asked about the split, he simply said, “Sorry, nothing to add.”

But the last time he was in this situation, following his split from Nigella Lawson, he admitted: “If you’re a narcissist like me, you might have a hard time holding on to your women. I never quite understand how it’s possible to grow weary of my company, but it is definite and with reliable frequency.’

As witty as this statement is, it’s of little use if it doesn’t change your behavior. Few will forget this image of Saatchi with his hands around Lawson’s neck during an argument outside a Mayfair restaurant.

Charles Saatchi (left) and Trinny Woodall (right) at Scott's Restaurant in London in April 2021

Charles Saatchi (left) and Trinny Woodall (right) at Scott’s Restaurant in London in April 2021

Charles Saatchi (left) left Scott's Restaurant on Saturday after splitting from Trinny Woodall

Charles Saatchi (left) left Scott’s Restaurant on Saturday after splitting from Trinny Woodall

At the time, he dismissed it as a playful argument, although he later accepted a police warning.

Conclusion: Saatchi is a brilliant man in many ways – smart, charming, passionate, successful, entertaining. But he is also, like many brilliant men, difficult to live with.

Ego, of course, plays a part. You can’t become Charles Saatchi without having a very big one, and men with big egos need a certain kind of partner, someone who won’t mind putting up with them.

Unfortunately, they are not always aware of this. Rather than being attracted to the type of woman who happily spends entire days fondling their aforementioned, they seem to be opting for their female equivalent, the feisty alpha.

In Saatchi’s case, Nigella and Trinny both fit this mold: not only beautiful and bright, but also ambitious. Crucial, successful herself: Nigella with her cooking empire, Trinny with her hugely popular make-up brand Trinny London, which she built from scratch.

Of course, women like this have always existed—but until recently, they were the exception, not the norm. The pop stars and actresses, the best-selling authors, the occasional high-flying city dude, the aristocrats and heiresses.

But my generation is different. We were the first to not only break the glass ceiling, but break through it en masse. And now that we’re in our 50s, the opportunities available to us are so much greater than they were for our mothers and grandmothers.

Not that it would have been easy, mind you. Many women had to deal with raising children alongside work, effectively holding two full-time jobs while being paid for only one. But as the old saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and today’s generation of women in their 50s is as tough as it comes.

We have a work ethic that leaves most millennials in a darkened room. Almost nothing disturbs us, our mental and physical pain limits are crazy. We have survived sexism, workplace harassment, discrimination and the pay gap. We have endured so many hours of mansplaining that we could write a doctoral thesis on it.

We are everything the anti-women’s rights movement warned against: independent, emancipated and with a mind of our own. And if we don’t like something, we don’t put up with it.

Increasingly, it seems, men are also included. Divorces among those over 50 have been on the rise in recent years, and many breakups are instigated by women. This is an inversion of the old-fashioned worn-out woman model being abandoned for a younger, sleeker version (although that still happens).

Basically, women look across the breakfast table and think, “I don’t have to settle for that.” Whether that’s good or bad, I can’t say. Well, I think women are no longer trapped in miserable (or even abusive) relationships because of a lack of financial independence. Bad I guess as every breakup causes heartbreak.

But I think it’s nice to finally see some equality in a situation that’s been stacked in favor of men for so long.

And who knows, some might even appreciate what they have — before like Trinny she packed her bags and moved on.

Jerry Hall’s account is in the black!

Jerry Hall wears a dress similar to Princess Diana's'Revenge' dress in a video by H&M and Mugler

Jerry Hall wears a dress similar to Princess Diana’s ‘Revenge’ dress in a video by H&M and Mugler

High street chain H&M launches its collaboration with fashion house Mugler in a video featuring sheer models strutting about in what appear to be strategically placed bandages.

The only one who seems to be enjoying himself is Jerry Hall, who wears a black dress reminiscent of Princess Diana’s infamous “revenge” dress.

“Oh baby, I feel so good,” Hall purrs in that irresistibly Texas intonation.

I bet she does: she recently split from Rupert Murdoch in a settlement believed to be worth around £50million.

Part of me is pleased that Jeremy Corbyn has been prevented from standing as Labor candidate: he is unfit for public office.

But part of me is also slightly concerned that this might give the impression that the party has fundamentally changed from the divisive, hate-driven, union-led organization he chaired. It has not. It just has a different face.

America suffers another tragic school shooting. Three children under the age of nine are dead, along with a caretaker, principal and a substitute teacher.

Police released bodycam footage of one of the officers who killed the shooter. It could be something from Call of Duty or any other computer game that glorifies gun violence: only here are the bullets real and the blood of innocent victims too.

Really chill.

As someone who has always had poor eyesight, my biggest fear is losing it. So I was horrified to read that 628,000 people were languishing on NHS England’s waiting lists for vision surgery.

Since 2019, over 550 people have unnecessarily lost their sight. Meanwhile, the NHS continues to waste hundreds of thousands a year on diversity coordinators. can someone touch

In a video that will come as no surprise to anyone, Andrew Marr “reveals” that he supports a Labor victory in the next general election.

What next? Alastair Campbell reveals he’s not a Boris Johnson fan?

Anneka Rice attends the gala performance of Disney's Winnie the Pooh: A New Musical Adaptation on March 26th

Anneka Rice attends the gala performance of Disney’s Winnie the Pooh: A New Musical Adaptation on March 26th

TV chefs fail because of Anneka Rice…

Poor Challenge Anneka, who was pulled from the show after just two episodes of a reboot after failing to capture viewers’ imaginations.

It’s not Anneka Rice’s fault: she was as enthusiastic and irrepressible as ever.

It’s the format that, 30 years later, is long outdated.

TV producers need to do more than rehash old favorites: they need to add something new.

Imagine how many Dutch women have lately discovered that the man you have chosen as your sperm donor has fathered over 550 more children.

Terrible: not just because of the impact on your child, but because their biological father is clearly a monumental creep.

I adore Christopher Biggins – but the fact that he was caught accidentally “liking” porn on Twitter is proof of what I’ve been saying for years: these sites should be behind a paywall.

Not just to protect kids, but to keep dumb old fools like him from embarrassing themselves.

Why pettifoggers deserve an asbo

I am somewhat concerned about this government crackdown on anti-social behavior. How do you define “antisocial”?

Case in point: A friend of mine was reported to her council by a disgruntled neighbor for antisocial behavior – for having wind chimes in her yard.

I agree that certain behaviors are unacceptable, but the danger with these initiatives is that real perpetrators find ways to circumvent them while pettifoggers use them to cause endless trouble.

Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull on This Morning in 2018

Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull on This Morning in 2018

When I witness these scenes at a rally in Auckland where British women’s rights activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull (who goes by the name Posie Parker) was booed, verbally abused, smeared with tomato juice and brutally shoved by trans activists, I can no other way. You ask yourself: do these people really believe in kindness, tolerance and progress – or are they just a thinly disguised facade for misogyny?

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-11912783/As-Trinny-Woodall-Charles-Saatchi-separate-50s-females-tough-writes-SARAH-VINE.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490&ito=1490 When Trinny Woodall and Charles Saatchi break up… how tough women are in the 50’s writes SARAH VINE

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